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Sacco Naz
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There could be a "CELL" in the track deck where you could simply drag an existing loop into while you are playing live.... it would have it's own Key and Volume control... or if the Blue Lock is selected will be locked to the default track.

The feature above could be done with a single button or mouse drag... Then if you want to load another track in the deck.. the above loop will continue to play and you could adjust the key to match the new track.

It would free up a deck...where you have a loop going... plus it's a good way to loop a track on itself...

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  • shamoo!
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    What your describing already available by using the remix deck and sampling from the deck you want to record?

    If you hardware doesnt have this by default (S5/S8 etc) then you should be able to set it up my midi mapping.

  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 120 Advisor

    It "kinda" exists in the remix deck but the Remix decks can be a little clunky...

    for example the Pitch/Key adjust does not have a value...it's just a knob so you don't know what the actual key is...

    Sometimes the sound quality or the timing can be a little off in the remix decks...

    Plus I have my Remix Decks already loaded with percussion loops and samples...

    Thanks for the reply!

  • zephry
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    Yes this is a good idea, especially if it doesn't save the loop anywhere on your hard drives.

    As of now using remix decks or the loop recorder is disabled when using Beatport Link streaming.

    I commonly use a spare deck to do what you describe.

    I want this feature right now!

    The strange part might be the effects or filters would cover both the sampled material and the current track. And Autogain might boost or lower the volume, although Autogain is unavoidable even when using Beatmasher to do this.

  • Sacco Naz
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    Yes... thanks... I use a spare deck also.... And it is that's half of your "workspace" gone already....

    I think a simple button to "slave" effects from the deck would be a start...Like that "Lock" button I put in the graphic... would lock tempo and effects...

    I sent this idea to Traktor last year but I never got a response...

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