Nice freebie from Softube

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Get it while it's free (until January 31st):

Site is currently very slow so be patient 😎

PS: How can I add custom tags like 'Free' and 'Plugin'? Or can I only use existing tags?


  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,125 admin

    Hey @Reefius , thanks for sharing the news! Looks like a nice tape saturation.

    For the tags, you can only use the existing one, but we're looking into adding more further if necessary.

    A freebie tag is definitely a good idea!

  • D-One
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    Thanks, @Reefius ! I'll definitely try it out 😁

  • Murat Kayi
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    thanks for the hint @Reefius!

    It looked indeed fine, but now I have to say, holymoly. Creating an account is just per as usual, but then I download a single product (instead of the installer, which is fine) and then I still can't check the damn thing out, because I also need an iLok account which I avoid like the plague and I can't fathom how you can make it as hard as that to enter an ecosystem with a freebie.

    So thanks, but no thanks, Softube.

  • Reefius
    Reefius Member Posts: 238 Pro

    I have a lot of plugins using iLok, but then again I have an iLok dongle. Never had an issue with it and it makes it damn easy if I buy a new PC. Just install the plugins, connect the dongle and everything just works without entering any serials or online C/R checks.

  • chk071
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    All Softube plugins use iLok. Just FYI.

    This is a nice freebie. But then, it's Softube, and they're all high quality.

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