Upgrade discount when Komplete 14 comes out?



  • Kubrak
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    OK, what is fair formula in your eyes?

    For example.

    1) Customer has bought 10 plugins worth 1000 EUR, update has 15 plugins added worth 1500 EUR. Update costs 500 EUR.

    2) Customer has bought 5 plugins worth 600 EUR, update has 15 plugins added worth 1500 EUR. Update costs 500 EUR.

    How much should update cost in those two cases?

  • dexl
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    The bottom line: don't buy anything in between Komplete versions. I'm sure most of us haven't explored all there is to explore in any one version of Komplete. Wait for the new version and only then pay for an update. No extra licenses to sell, no complaints about unfair treatment.

  • andalassamXX
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    I don't want to spend my living expenses to buy the upgraded version, unless I can ensure that my license can be sold easily and won't lose too much, but I think it should be difficult to sell. It takes a long time to wait.

    So I don't recommend buying any separate products if you want to upgrade to the full version in the future.

  • ShelLuser
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    Sorry for a delayed reaction, but, uhm... I find this hard to believe. I've been using the Essential series for quite a while and eventually got the Symphony series through Komplete UC and I can tell you that there is hardly any difference between them where sound quality is concerned.

    The most obvious and notable difference is control; so being able to do a bit more with specific instruments. Thing is... there are work-arounds for that also. It can be a little more taxing on your setup, for sure, but it'll still be doable by utilizing specific sound effects.

    As for the series themselves... you guys do realize that Native Instruments didn't make this series? It was actually developed & set up by SoundIron and Native Instruments together.

  • ShelLuser
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    edited August 2022

    So, I'm aware this thread is dated and I also know that you more or less got your answer already, still...

    So yeah... I've been here myself. I eventually upgraded to Komplete 12 UC thanks to massive discounts provided by Native Instruments (50% off) and the Symphony series was just too tempting for me to resist. I'm a huge sucker for orchestral setups. It was the Ableton Orchestral Instrument Collection which made me decide to upgrade to Live 9 (suite) even though it was a bit tight back then, and same deal with Komplete 12 Ultimate & UC (well, it wasn't tight but it was too tempting!).

    I also upgraded to Komplete 13 UC, which is the reason for my post.... see, this thread makes it sound (IMO anyway) that you don't get any discounts at all and that's plain out untrue! You always get an upgrade discount applied.

    But yeah, you do not get additional discounts for buying items in the Komplete bundle which you already purchased prior. And why should they? This happened to me with the amazing electric sunburst & sunburst deluxe instruments. I grabbed all of those, even got a nice discount for upgrading from Sunburst to deluxe, kept both of them obviously.

    And now I also have a license for Sunburst deluxe grouped with my Komplete 13 UC license. Not to mention a few Maschine expansions I also grabbed. I fail to see the problem here to be honest... because what you guys also seem to be overlooking is that nothing is stopping us from selling the excess licenses if we wanted to.

    See, some of the companies that would provide discounts for products already owned.. at least those that I'm aware off, do not allow you to sell your license "just like that".

    I've been using "Certified Gold" (= Maschine expansion) almost ever since it got out; that critter totally amazed me. It's designed for hip-hop? Yah, with all due respect but I don't really like hip-hop, at all. So I used it for "other things". Like dropping it into a jam session with the previously mentioned Sunburst deluxe... like, whoah!

    And I had those "bragging rights" long before the Komplete version which included 'gold' had come out.

    Sorry, but I really fail to see the issue here.

    NI is been releasing Komplete versions ever since I got into this amazing world of digital audio (now an easy 12+ years ago) and actually longer too; when I got involved with Live 8 Komplete was already a standard of its own. NI always released individual instruments and stuff which eventually became part of a next Komplete release. If you want to use their work ASAP you buy the individual instrument. If you want to save up you wait for the next Komplete release. If you want to save up even more you wait for, say, the Holiday season and pick up on huge discounts.

    And they're not exactly the only ones who do this either.

  • andalassamXX
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    I know, I also know that there is not much difference in sound quality between them, but there are differences in functions and techniques. For example, the essential version of strings is a cooperative product of Ni and audiobro. It has no real legato. It has only one sustain, but for me, sustain is not a legato. I want to try to tell Ni, but I can't contact them.

    You know, when you buy a symphony for $399, and you can't play a legato, I'll be very shocked.

  • LeftRight
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    Nobody here bought something from Vienna Symphonic Library? I do. You can buy anything, any library or bundle, it doesn't matter, when you want to upgrade, their site automatically applies a discount equal to (or close to) what you have already purchased.

    Attached an example. I already own some Special Editions for a total of about 1000€. Here you can see that if I would like to buy their Strings Complete I will have a discount (in this case they are already doing some summer discounts, that's why my "Special Edition Discount" is so low but you get the point)

    And another example

    Look closely at the difference between "Registered", "Upgrade" and "New Purchase" price.

    So, create an upgrading path is definitely possible and, given the high price of these libraries, I would say, necessary.

  • Kubrak
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    If I read it right. You had two products costing in total 590E (2*295), and the discount is 387E. Roughly 200E less....

    What is the difference, if you sell licences secondhand and pay full price for bundle? Maybe you even get more than the discount is.... And what if one wants to buy a bundle, but keep the licences and not get discount?

    For example, I recently upgraded Anthology bundle by Eventide. They did not let me choose which products use for discount and which not to use.... I had few plugins twice, but were counted only once....

    I do not say, NI could not use some kind of discount scheme, but I want to point out, that it is not easy to implement it in the way, it pleases all....

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