Help needed in transferring iMaschine projects from iPhone to new app?

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Greetings To Whom it Mat Concern,

I appreciate all of the assistance that your organization has provided me thus far. I currently have iMaschine2 for the iPhone, and with that app, have been able to produce very adequate tracks, that receives huge compliments for the sound. However, now I need to go to the next step, by adding more tracks to my existing projects to make then fuller arrangements. What product(s) can you recommend? 

I appreciate your time and expertise. 



  • Nico_NI
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    If I understand correctly, you'd like to find another app where you can export your project to finish the arrangement?

  • Flexi
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    Transferring to any other app on iOS wont be simple as export/import, but the app you want is Beatmaker 3, it is based heavily on Maschine desktop and in a lot of areas is vastly superior (Notably the sampler and the automation)

    You can even get an app to convert Maschine expansions to Beatmaker if that is your thing.

  • Blacsol
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I will try out the app. However I was looking for more of a stand alone unit or a way to take the completed projects from the iMaschine app which are saved as zip drives and then import them to a studio recording unit, for example an MPC or keyboard or recording software(future use).

    Again thanks to all

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