I am looking for NI Resources file/folder documentation (dist_database and image)

arnthorsnaer Member Posts: 3 Member

I've been using the information on this site (a great resource) to help me setting up images and colors for my third party VST: https://sites.google.com/view/nks-libraries/diy-preset

According to that site, for folder names / file names and some json file contents, one should use plug-in name and product name where the plug-in name should match whatever the VST is called in Komplete Kontrol but the product name can be selected freely (having it different from plug-in name might be useful in some scenarios). It goes on to say that 3 folders in dist_database and image should use product name and 1 folder should use plug-in name. However my experiments show that everything works out if I just stick with the same name for all of them (in other words when plug-in name = product name). So I am assuming that this might be incorrect or out of date.

Question: Is there a more recent / official documentation for this?

Bonus Question: Is there a documentation for how to prevent all saved third party Kontakt NKS presets from being grouped into the "Kontakt" instrument in the User section. I am trying to create a separate Instrument for each "library".


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