Traktor pro 3 Sound crack



  • Toxicaudio
    Toxicaudio Member Posts: 8 Sine

    It looks like that the internal soundcard is active in your Laptop. So you can test following:

    Run Traktor without S4. Does it crackle also?

    You wrote : When i play a song with the media player it works OK.

    How is the setting of this constellation? Internal output? Or how?

    Can you post a screenshot of your "Sound" Settings?

  • Jacky
    Jacky Member Posts: 14 Sine

    First of all, thanks for the interest in trying to solve my problem.

    If I pull out my controller S4 and then play a song on Traktor Pro 3, it also crackles and stutters.

    In attachment, my printscreen off Traktor audio and PC sound. It depends on what settings of my sound you want to see.

    In the meantime, while I'm typing this message I just let my traktor F1 remix sets play 1 sample and you hear almost nothing, just the occasional crackle of the sample.

  • Jacky
    Jacky Member Posts: 14 Sine
  • Jacky
    Jacky Member Posts: 14 Sine

    I turnd off my sound cards, problem stays

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ UKMember Posts: 303 Saw

    Did you run a latency checker?

  • Jacky
    Jacky Member Posts: 14 Sine

    What is a Latency checker?

  • Stevan
    Stevan MIDIMember Posts: 279 Saw

    In my experience, Windows machines using i5 and 4GB of ram will work flawlwssly unless you are using Stem Decks.

    90% of all times it is related to badly optimized drivers or Windows bloatware. Try debloating your system first, there are useful Youtube tutorials on how to do this. Good luck.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 YorkMember Posts: 150 Saw

    I agree with this. Try taking all all unnecessary stuff. That will help.

  • Jacky
    Jacky Member Posts: 14 Sine

    Hello, here I am again after a while, I was on leave of course. In the meantime I have completely reinstalled my laptop (Lenovo I5 intel processcor of the 8th generation) (factory settings). Then Traktor reinstalled and the samples from the NI website. Now I don't have a problem with sound disturbances anymore. My only regret is that my "cover art" icons are now blank. Kind Regards Jacky

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