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Kontakt 5 will not install

TheProf Member Posts: 19 Member
edited July 2022 in Native Access

Please Please Please TELL ME HOW I'm going to get Kontakt 5 back. Nothing but 0.0.0 as my Version and nothing listed in installation path. It says "Installed", I've re-installed 50 times, same ******. NOTHING! Somebody suggested the Installation path listing can be blank in Native Access. That is BUNK! Every program and Library has an entry in NA listing the path.

In 7 weeks it's taken, I've gotten all my stuff listed in Native Access back, through pulling teeth HARD, but Kontakt 5 WILL NOT INSTALL!!! I want 5.8.1 in the Version spot.

What does it take? TheProf


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  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,753 Expert

    If you have installation file install it manually and not using NA....

    If you do not have installation file, you may get it using NA. Make NA to install/reinstall K5 and copy installation file from download folder when fully downloaded. You have to copy it before it is erased by NA.

    And after manual install you have to launch NA. It will authorise K5 to be able to use it.

  • TheProf
    TheProf Member Posts: 19 Member

    Thanks Kubrak -

    It says it's installed, when I install it. When I use Komplete 8 install disc, it sees it as installed. There is no entry in Native Access installation path page. Version 0.0.0. It finishes install, says "Kontakt 5 successfully installed", but does not produce desktop shortcut, and does not show in "Programs and Features" in Control Panel. There are no installers in Registry like my laptop. It's just not there, and Native Access is not helping.

    Thanks again - TheProf

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,753 Expert

    If you choose reinstall (maybe it is called repair) in NA, it should download installer to choosen download (not installation) folder. There you may grab there and copy installator when downloaded (and before being erased)...

  • TheProf
    TheProf Member Posts: 19 Member

    Hi Kubrak -

    Thanks for reply, I appreciate your time. This is not an easy task.

    "Repair" not offered in N. A., only "Reintall" when hovering over "Full Version" on Kontakt 5 line.

    Kontakt 5, after every try on reinstall, fails to end up in my Downloads folder (all else makes it there)

    There are no installers making it to HKEY/Local Machine/Software/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5, like all other entries.

    The Version of Kontakt listed in N. A. is 0.0.0, coupled with no entry in Installation Path.

    When opening original Komplete 8 install disk, all applications are Xed out for possible install. All apps besides Kontakt 5 successfully installed.

    Upon opening N. A., the popup saying "Kontakt 6 successfully installed". Neither Kontakt 6 OR Kontakt 5 has successfully installed or added the usual shortcut on my desktop. That seems to me a signal that install did not go through.

    As you can judge, I've been in every possible place I can think of to solve this. I need an installer, simple.

    Hoping I can get this over with soon. Thanks again. TheProf

  • TheProf
    TheProf Member Posts: 19 Member

    Hello NI Community -

    I'm still high and dry on getting Kontakt 5 back. Please help! My last post, above, should hold enough detail to get educated on my problem. My next try will be completely removing anything "Kontakt" using "Everything" search. Then expecting Native Access to all of a sudden get it together on Kontakt. By the way, I'm sick of the pop up telling me "Kontakt 6 successfully installed". It's not, and neither Kontakt is anywhere to be found.

    I'm begging for a solution. Again and again!! TheProf

  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro
    Answer ✓


    Have you tried this tool?

    You are looking for <NI Uninstall RegTool_64bit.exe>

    at the bottom of this article:


    Run it and choose Kontakt 5 (and/or Kontakt 6) then try either a NA download & install, or attempt to capture the downloaded ISO/exe in your specified DL location before it gets installed.

    Report back after... ✌

  • TheProf
    TheProf Member Posts: 19 Member

    @Brad Yost

    I wish I could drink like Ozzy, had to quit. Yesterday I finally reached the summit, I got Kontakt 5 to finally install. Thanks for tip, think I crossed the avenues you suggested moons ago. After all my struggles/trials, it was a complete Komplete re-install (after full un-install) that Native Access finally responded to. I appreciate all the tips and support I received. Time to move on and play something for a change :>)) TheProf

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