All in one VST Series

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This guitar series is doing very well. Enter chords to generate the desired accompaniment guitar. I also see BASS.

So can NI come up with a VST sound series that can produce guitar, piano, bass, drums, electronic sounds with one input chord?

Different music styles can be produced at each stage.

In this way, it can not only allow fans to quickly make music and quickly generate demos, but also become a learning tool, allowing more people to understand various styles of music.

Of course, it's better to have intro, chorus, chorus, etc.

The main theme, we can edit it ourselves.

Entering chord progressions like this can quickly generate a song.

This will definitely not affect professional musicians making their own music, but it can help more music lovers.

Now tools are separate, need to be assembled by themselves, are often imperfect, and make mistakes.


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