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Mandatory Registration

wam Member Posts: 5 Noise
edited July 8 in Maschine

Why is there mandatory registration from the start on the Maschine+?

I'd say yeah, somehow when buying sound packs. But could there be any valid reason?

And what if Native Instruments bites the dust - will all the hardware stop working? So is it more their hardware or our hardware?



  • awol9000
    awol9000 Burnaby, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 37 Tri

    It's your hardware but their software. Like all software, the user never "owns" it, just a license to use it.

  • wam
    wam Member Posts: 5 Noise

    All other gear I have is mine. Nobody can take it away and I can sell it whenever I want. This is not the case with this maschine+. And there is no apparent reason for this.

  • awol9000
    awol9000 Burnaby, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 37 Tri
    edited July 2

    Maschine is different from other groove boxes. Maschine started as software on the PC partnered with the controller. If you didn't have a license to use the software you couldn't use the controller (which caused all sort of problems on the second-hand market). Now that Maschine Plus is standalone (not tethered to the computer) it is kind of the same case because you have to be able to use the software on the computer (for certain things) so one needs a license and registration.

    Maschine Plus is the same computer software as the original Maschine, just in a hardware form.

  • awol9000
    awol9000 Burnaby, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 37 Tri

    Maschine Plus is still yours to keep or sell but if NI goes out of business IDK if Maschine will still work.

  • DeepThumb
    DeepThumb Member Posts: 99 Tri

    If you don't like it then get an Akai or a Roland. Where is the problem?

  • wam
    wam Member Posts: 5 Noise

    I see where the Maschine+ comes from. However there was no reason to put this stupid behaviour into the groovebox as its software and hardware are one. So why create this burden for all users? The side effects are

    * Not possible to sell M+ ever again

    * Impossible to make used M+ work

    * Unnecessary account required

    * Will not be able to initialize without wifi

    And all this just because someone implemented the same "feature" as in the windows software? In that case they are either willingly getting on my nerves or are unwillingly stupid.

  • awol9000
    awol9000 Burnaby, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 37 Tri
    edited July 3

    You might as well return it. Maschine isn't for you.

  • wam
    wam Member Posts: 5 Noise

    Actually it really seems to be for me. All other features seem to be great and I'm keen on testing them out. But currently it just stands in my way because someone has made a very wrong decision.

  • S Righteous
    S Righteous Member Posts: 93 Sine

    I agree with you 100%. The device has great features, and the current registration scheme is not ideal to say the least. People should voice their discontent on the forum in the hopes that the platform will improve in the many places it could use improvement. It's not an 'all nor nothing' thing where we need to agree with everything NI or use something else. There is no perfect gear, so all forums will have posts about missing features and bad design.

  • D-One
    D-One PortugalModerator Posts: 852 mod
    edited July 3

    You can spend time wondering about things that might ever happen like NI going out of business or actually get on with using the equipment, even if they do go out of business they can just push an update that removes the need for checking licenses.

    Will not be able to initialize without wifi.

    This is indeed annoying but you only have to do it once.

    Not possible to sell M+ ever again.

    Impossible to make used M+ work.

    Neither of those things are true, you can sell it just fine, you just need to transfer the license. If you buy a used one where for some reason the seller doesn't do the transfer it you can just reach tech support and they will provide options.

    Unnecessary account required.

    Relatively true, depends... It's not just about "Sound Packs", the Instruments, FX, and general Libs also need a license as-well, you can chose wether to install things or not. In the future there might be a lot more instruments that don't came for free and the unit has to check if you own them. Maybe stuff from iZotope and the other new partners.

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