Arpeggiator mode function button confusion.

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Does the NI team have a specific place for feedback?

This page from the Software Manual dated 5/2022 mislabels the 'F' buttons when in arpeggio mode on M+ with the latest update. I literally spent like 2.5 hours trying to figure out what was going on. Had I read the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph of the F1-F2 element, I may have realized sooner.. but I thought what I was seeing was redundant buttons.. F5-F8 setting note rate, along with the associated knob. From a usability standpoint for a NOOB this could be improved... e.g., label as PRE1-PRE4 perhaps to make it more obvious these are presets (along w/ the rate if that is useful?)

This info is properly covered in the latest hardware manual.. I bet your software documentation team didn't even realize this was covered in the software manual and out of date. maybe remove the section for the software manual, and refer readers to the hardware manual instead (since it is in fact hardware function)... I certainly wouldn't want to be responsible for documenting things in two places that may update at different times.



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    The Maschine+ manual seems to match your screenshot (p 147 ff).

    Are you using your M+ in standalone or controller mode? Maybe the software manual is correct for controller mode (can’t currently check).

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