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Hi! I have three suggestions to improve the Traktor DVS:

  • Reduce latency: latency is too high in external mix mode for advanced scratching (even in the Traktor Audio 6). For example, I can't do fast chirp scratches with it. In my own experience, reducing below 3 ms is only possible without having audio problems with Pioneer DJ hardware (this includes an Apple M1 Pro + Traktor Scratch Audio 6, so with modern computers too).
  • Not requiring calibration every time: I know why is this set in this way. This is the automatic and secure way, best, efficient for professional use. But when I have my mixer always in the same environment in my studio, it's a little tiring to calibrate (and set manually to REL mode) each time I open Traktor or I change anything in the audio routing. What about a manual mode? Not by default, that's ok (like Rekordbox does): just the option ☺️
  • Fix the releasing issue: The DVS makes some "heavy pushes" when stopping and releasing (so the tone is higher than it should and then corrects it in half a second or so): melodic scratching is not possible (keylock could help, but sometimes it happens even with it on, and anyway it's better if it can be avoided). Melodic scratch can be done with high torque turntables like the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 (and not with the classics Technics SL-1200). I like to do it sometimes, even with turntables without platter play, just because a melodic sample sounds nicely harmonic with the instrumental.

It would be awesome if all of this is fixed, because none of this happens with Serato and Rekordbox. Sadly, I switched to them because these reasons (apart from having the option of more user-friendly interfaces and being uncomfortable to record the scratches separately in DAWs on Windows with the Z2) and I recommend them by default. But it would be awesome if these problems are fixed!

Thanks for reading.

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