expansion installation, missing files/samples, and missing artwork

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hey guys!

Having some real problems with my Maschine Plus,

I finally worked out how to install expansions from Native Access on to the Plus, I'm basically putting the expansions onto the SD card through storage mode. However not all of the content is available, most of the groups are not there and I am met with a error code: A sample could not be found. /users/Antonio.despirt/desktop/faded reels library/samples/drums/snare/snare fake love.wav ...... for example.

I have set the preferences from the download and content routing to the Maschine 2 folder under sounds ei:


whilst keeping the applications routing to the recommended. ie: Mac/applications/nativeinstruments

also when I do finally load a expansion the artwork is missing, not a major issue but It. would be nice considering how much money ive spent on this.

its just been a complete nightmare since ive got it, would really appreciate someone to just take the time to help me with all this, looking forward to any replies or help, please someone help me!!!!


  • oaksisgod
    oaksisgod Member Posts: 12 Member

    Also having issues with DAW integration. a lot of the samples etc are not there either.

    after realising how hefty the Komplete is I'm obviously considering buying a 1TB SD for all this.

    I do have a 1TB hard drive here. if I can somehow get around all this using that then please do let me know.

    thanks again.

  • oaksisgod
    oaksisgod Member Posts: 12 Member

    also also. am I installing the expansions correctly. I haven't seen a lot online about this.

  • Nico_NI
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    Expansions on Maschine+ can be installed directly from the hardware while being connected to the wifi.

    Head over to System Tab > Updates > Make sure you're up to date, and you can install the expansions from there.

    Make sure to be logged into your Maschine with the same login you bought the expansions with.

  • oaksisgod
    oaksisgod Member Posts: 12 Member

    yes this is how I thought it worked, I brought a new expansion and it appeared. however a lot of the expansions etc are not on the library page on the Maschine.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @oaksisgod can you tell us which Expansions you are missing in Maschine+ exactly?

  • PK The DJ
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    He probably needs to delete all the files he copied onto the SD card via storage mode, and start over.

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