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TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 online order and price

SNM Member Posts: 1 Noise


How I can order TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 from the native instruments website and what is the price? I could not find it.


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  • awol9000
    awol9000 Member Posts: 49 Tri

    It seems the purchase button and price are gone. Maybe a problem with stock or a price change?

  • D2Lover
    D2Lover Member Posts: 38 Tri
    Answer ✓

    It looks like bizzarely that Native Instruments have discontinued the Kontrol S8 just as it has finally become very useful for DJ's unfortunately. I suggest you pick one up used if i were you before everyone else realises just how far ahead of its time the Kontrol s8 was.

  • Knivshult
    Knivshult Member Posts: 18 Sine

    The S8 Is fa fuxxxng beast! I sometimes pair It with a D2 for Ch 3, samples, loops and acapellas. but Im´about teave Traktor for good, because I´ve bought standalone Denon two Sc6000 and x1850 + two lc6000!

  • tom jennings
    tom jennings Member Posts: 1 Noise

    I have repeatedly searched for a control surface with both 8 cue buttons AND no jog wheel, found some djtools ref to the S8 and... on Native Instruments site the few references to the S8 are loop in circles. MADDENING.

    Can NI simply state it's status? Discontinued? Prototype not coming to market? Old and obsolete? The lack of information is silly. If I can't buy a new one, OK, maybe I'll find a used one -- but can't you tell me actual reality? When was it introduced? When was it dropped?

    Does Traktor3 support it?

    It's very odd to have no information at all on a product. It seems like it physically exists, why not admit it?

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,650 Pulse

    I guess it is temporarily sold out. COVID in China and so.....

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