Can anyone tell me how to get my old libraries set up with battery like i had before.

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Hey Guys,

After a little hiatus, i have come back and changed my personal workstation to mac set up, i have moved all my libraries and samples etc. One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to get my custom battery kits showing up quickly in the battery. I had a lot of kits from 3rd party purchases and custom kits etc, i used to have it so that i could access them all from the quick load tabs on top of the browser? Any idea how i achieve this again? Like the little tag tabs?

I don't want to move the samples to the system drive. I tried preferences and adding a folder where some kits are but it didn't do anything. This is frustrating me i know its something simple. Thanks in advance.


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    Have you added the location(s) of your custom kits to Edit -> Preferences-> Library -> User -> Locations. It “sounds” like you don’t have those set up so they are not being scanned. Further info can be found on Page 70 of the Manual!


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