Official update status - Maschine 2 (current version: 2.18.1)

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This thread provides information about patches for Maschine 2. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.


The currently available software version is 2.18. Please make sure that your installation is up to date.


2.18.1 - 2024-05-16

FIXED An issue where drag and drop functionality behaved randomly throughout the application

FIXED An issue where hardware controllers would no longer automatically connect to the application or temporarily lose their connection

2.18 - 2024-04-24

ADDED macOS Sonoma compatibility

IMPROVED Maschine Plus logo now displays correctly when used in controller mode

IMPROVED graphics handling when using Maschine with high-resolution screens on Windows

FIXED previously reported CPU spikes or degenerated CPU performance compared to the prior version

FIXED an issue where the Maschine plugin editor was larger than its content in Studio One

FIXED an issue where the window size setting of the Maschine VST3 plugin did not persist after closing the plugin window in some hosts

FIXED an issue where some FX presets were not saved as part of the DAW project when using the plugin

FIXED an issue where the end of an adjacent MIDI note was not editable when a subsequent note is present

2.17.5 - 2023-12-13

Hey all,

I am happy to share that we just released two brand new updates for Maschine software on desktop. You can find the list of included changes below.

UPDATED Maschine now requires macOS 12 or higher and Windows 10 (latest service pack) or higher

UPDATED New Maschine logo and app icoN

FIXED An issue where the Reason Rack plugin would crash

FIXED An issue with the AU version of the Maschine plugin that resulted in delayed or chopped audio during playback

With these updates on the way, we will be back to share some insights from our last Maschine survey and start a conversation on the most requested improvement ideas. Keep an eye out for a new post in the Maschine section later this week.

2.17.4 - 2023-06-05

Minimum OS requirements:

- Mac OS: 11, 12, 13.

- Windows: 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, Windows 11.

ADDED Support for moduleinfo.json location change in VST3 SDK 3.7.8## FIXED Multichannel output not working with some Plug-Ins

FIXED A bug where Kontakt 6 migration would load an empty instance of Kontakt 7

FIXED A crash when closing a Logic Pro session

2.17 - 2023-03-22 

ADDED Accessibility for Maschine MK3 and Maschine+ in Controller Mode • For full accessibility support, please install the NI Accessibility Helper separately

ADDED AAX plug-in running natively on Apple Silicon

FIXED Selection of VST3 plug-in presets

FIXED Handling of MIDI program change messages with VST3 plug-ins

FIXED AAS plug-ins UI are blank after reopening UI in Live

FIXED ScanApp crashes 

2.16 - 2022-10-31

ADDED Support for Native Silicon

ADDED Support for VST3 hosting

ADDED Support for VST3 migration: Opening a project that contains VST2s should automatically migrate to VST3 instances Iwhilst preserving parameter settings. This feature is available for plug-ins that have added VST3 migration support. 

FIXED Issue where Maschine Browser freeze when browsing result lists with Previews ON on M1 ARM Computers

FIXED Issue where Maschine was crashing when switching between Idea and Song mode

FIXED Fixed miscellaneous reported bugs and issues 

⚠️ M1 users might experience issues when loading this update the first time as M1 native means that any incompatible plug-in will not load. We made a dedicated post here:

Maschine 2.16 update, M1 Native compatibility, VST2 to VST3 migration & compatibility

2.15.2 - 2022-05-16

FIXED Hardware non-responsive following installation via Native Access 2

2.15.1 - 2022-05-10

ADDED Position parameter in Chord Mode

FIXED MIDI templates created in controller editor unavailable from MASCHINE+, MASCHINE MK3, MASCHINE Mikro MK3 and KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES MK1 keyboards

FIXED Unable to use MASCHINE+ as a controller with MASCHINE 2.15 software

FIXED Settings, System Tab, Standalone unavailable when pressing SHIFT on MASCHINE+ controller mode.

2.15 - 2022-04-12

ADDED VST3 plug-in target

ADDED Auto Project Recovery

ADDED Auto-Sampler

ADDED Save Sound with Samples

FIXED Audio Module playback lag when using irregular time signatures

FIXED Dialogue box keyboard shortcuts Enter (accept / confirm) and Esc (cancel) not working on Windows

FIXED - MK3 controller freezes when setting Clip length via Record Prepare

REMOVED - Automatic download of content in Browser

2.14.7 - 2021-12-21

FIXED Loud audio glitch when launching MASCHINE on Windows

FIXED Crash when automating parameters from MASCHINE Jam

FIXED Lag with Accessibility speech announcements

Maschine Factory Library

1.3.8 — 2021-07-01

ADDED 250 Sounds for Poly Synth and 1 INIT preset

FIXED Zones for some samples that would otherwise not play correctly

IMPROVED Unified tagging for internal engines Bass Synth, Drum Synth, Poly Synth



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