Guitar Rig 6 adds latency not reported to the host

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I just upgraded to Komplete 13 and started to use Guitar Rig 6.

I like it very much so far, but I noticed that it adds few ms of latency, even without any component loaded, and this latency is not reported to the host (at least, to my DAW, i.e. Ableton Live).

So if it's used in parallel, it creates phase issues.

I'm using VST and AU version, in Ableton Live 11.1.5, on a mac M1 pro running Monterey, native (with AU) and under Rosetta...


  • Calagan
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    No comment ?

    No complain ?

    Nobody gives a damn about non compensated latency ?

    I sent an email to NI support, they know perfectly the issue but told me they don't care and don't plan to fix because it's too difficult to compensate latency when it's changing each time you load a new component.

    FabFilter, DMG Audio, Tokyo Dawn Labs, etc. etc are doing this, but I guess they use technology from a different planet...

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    I have the same issue, between this and the lack of native support for M1 I'm going to have to abandon Native Instruments products...

  • Calagan
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    GR6 is native !

    They didn't fix the issue discussed here, but at least they finally delivered an Apple Silicon version.

    Now I'm waiting for the rest of the NI catalogue...

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    just look at this video

    i use guitar rig 5 in realtime recording without any latency

    i do this by using mutools and protools hd tdm at the same time in the dame computer :

    i thanks avid duc moderator who close my account when i post it an avid duc forum here :

    here a song demo made with this system :

    and a picture of the system below

    don't but protools carbon you can do the same with old asio sound card and old protools hd tdm pci !

    best regards


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