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I've been using a Maschine MK2 for some time and I really like the hands-on experience in the studio compared to other drum/beast VSTs which I used before (e.g. XLN XO) and I like using presets/patterns to use as a base for tweaks. However, almost all presets include song-elements like synths melodies and waves which I first need to bypass as I want to come up with my own stuff (and usually use 3rd party synths).

Ain't there a way to filter or disable all those elements that aren't just part of a basic beat (kick, snare, hh, clap)? Right now I sometimes ignore my Maschine because of this and then turn to "drums-only" VSTs.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey @Junolab searching for drums in the One-Shots section should be enough? šŸ¤” Or are you looking for something else?

  • Junolab
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    Yeah that works out to exchange certain sounds, but what I'm trying to archive is the option to load patterns with kits (groups) which doesn't include melody-ish sounds like synths, bass and alike.

  • bzyboy
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    I'll usually audition kits then when I find one that has the drum sound I'm looking for I'll load it and then the first thing I'll do is mute the pads that have the "musical" elements. I've found that those elements are usually in the higher pad numbers so it's really simple to choose. I can then skip through all the patterns that will now only play the drums/percussion instruments and find one(s) I like and edit from there.

  • Junolab
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    Yeah, that's also what I do today, but it's IMO an unnecessary hassle. Maybe in the end the Maschine is just not for me as it seems it want to do everything in the plugin instead of being flexible in the DAW for beat-making

  • D-One
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    I've always wanted the ability to only load the Drum sounds of a Group, mainly to try out different stuff quickly, having to clean up each Group sort of defeats the purpose.

    Since Maschine has a tag system this doesn't sound like a hard feature to implement, if Pad = drum-tag then load, elseif dont load. Unfortunately, new QoL / workflow enhancements and tweaks are something that does not happen very often in Maschine land, so don't count on it.

    The mute solution works sometimes, depending on the expansion... The best way I know to really fix this is to spend a day loading every single Group, removing all the melodic elements, and saving each Group in the User lib...

    This way you end up with a custom lib of only Drum Groups, it's quite time-consuming at first but might be worth it in the long run, unfortunately, due to the EULA we cant share the Kits here, otherwise, it could be a collective effort.

  • The Widowmaker
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    so just build a kit of perc that you like and load patterns onto it - that way you get the rhythms without the pads you dont want

    loading groups is about as easy as it gets for those who don't program their own, i have to say politely if removing a couple of sounds in pre made kits is a hassle you must have a very easy life

  • Junolab
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    I got a great hassle-free life ;) No, I just want to use the tools that get me to archive what I want, as simple and fast as possible. When something is hindering that I try to reaccess if I have the right tool at hand.

    But its a good idea. Should do it with a few kits, but I guess that's worth some time

  • D-One
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    That works too, but if you want to try out 50 kits just to see how it sounds with different patterns and sounds, the 12 seconds you waste in each become 10mins... Again not a major problem but if something can be faster and more practical then why not?

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