Scarbee MK 1 - release and noise - how to fix

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Hi there,

In the Scarbee Mark 1 piano -

You might have noticed that the Noise and Release knobs do nothing about adjusting the release noise - i.e. key up noise.

I needed it gone for a specific song ... so ... my fix is simple and easy.

Under the wrench - Group editor = uncheck edit all groups.

Then check the box in front of any group that says rel or release or noise. I think there are 4 or 5 of them. Then making sure no other groups are selected - look in the Amplifier section below for the Volume knob. Turn the Volume for those groups all the way to the left - totally off.

Close the wrench and double check by playing the piano making sure it sounds good to you. If good - then hit the wrench again, go up to the floppy disk and choose "Save edited instrument as ..." - - - and save it as a new name in the same folder with the other MK 1 pianos. It'll then be easy to find.

I edited Funky_Rio and saved it as Funky_Rio_No_Release.

Yea, I know, the release noise is supposed to be a recognisable "character" of the old beast, but sometimes, in some situations, we might want totally clean release on the notes, and this works.

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