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Not sure what the technical term is but it would be nice to be able to fade a loop at the end or beginning, just to take the sharpe edge off it.

Also if you could add dead space before or after the loop e.g. you have a nice 2 beat loop but you want it to cycle every bar I.e. first 2 beats is the loop, next 2 beats is silence, before repeat. I think you can do this in a remix deck by copying the loop segment but it would be handy if you could do it live in the track deck.

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    Unfortunately this idea did not receive enough votes over the allotted time. We are closing the post.

    Note that our ideas section doesn't reflect the Traktor team's backlog. Even if this idea hasn't been brought up to the team at this time, that doesn't mean it'll never be implemented in the future.

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