Difference between updates, upgrades and cross grades in Komplete 13 UT CE

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I wish to do sth with my old Komplete ultimate 10 to Kp UT Ce 13 but I am not sure how can I choose between ud ug or cg? Because I wish to get everything in KP UT Ce 13 not only my existing products.

Pls help to suggest me?


  • Kubrak
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    If I understand well, you have K10U and would like to have K13U CE. Right?

    To get K13U CE, you need K13U CE Upgrade from Komplete Ultimate. It should cost 299,50 €/USD during Summer Sale (double or so othervise).

    There is one important thing. K13U CE is huge (770 GB), if you do not have good internet connection, it is better to buy licence including instalation disc. I think, it costs the same as download licence, but you cannot order it at NI e-shop, you have to use e-shop from your country/region.

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