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Have been reading and watching all the issues plaguing the +. Will NI be able to share a road map on the next phase development for the + to make it a robust product worthy of the legacy of the maschine (eco) system, keep the customers engaged and attract prospective buyers.

Obviously NI's strength is on software and controllers . The + is the maiden attempt on a real 'Instrument' and nothing to rave about in terms of a success, but rather learn on the back of customer inputs and get them to fund the project. A sloppy execution of a very well conceived software project.



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    Unlikely, NI product managers almost never post here.. there has been a rotating door of people that post 1 thing then never come back again..

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    Once again…

    Why to buy a expensive but limited Maschine standalone when you can buy an mk3 plus macbook air M1 for similar price and get all (full software, battery powered, third party apps…)

    Apple is bringing DriverKit to iPads alongside M1 chips. Next step could be full (adapted) desktop apps running on these. Think Garageband/Logic relation and imagine if Apple decides to release a Logic version adapting itself based on the machine running it or even if plugged or not to psu or external screen or desktop (IDAM)…

    Starts at 8:48” but look at 13:40”

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    @Mutis wrote:

    Why to buy a expensive but limited Maschine standalone when you can buy an mk3 plus macbook air M1

    Why to buy an expensive but limited Minimoog when you can buy Monark plus Macbook air M1.

    Same reason: It’s independent from the computer and makes me feel like playing an instrument.

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    I am not convinced driverkit will have a serious impact, likelyhood of Maschine being ported is very low, NI have shown little interest in iOS.

    In fact, anything that needs a driver, generally will have a huge amount of development needed to port its associated software.

    Take UAD as an example, they could port their DSP hardware relatively quickly, porting all the plugins to run on it is not just architectures when they are not designed for TUI.

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    Well I’m not holding my breath for sure but almost doing these M1 compatible can lead make them iPad compatible… if NI wants.

    Shame is for old hardware that could benefeit a lot for revamped apps on iPad/iPhone but since there’s not extra revenue for NI and they don’t give a s##t on “ecologism” (I suggest similar approach with Rebellion-like product) probably will not happen never as you point.

    That has a flaw… mk3+macbook is plug free. You need to plug on the wall your M+ or adapt a battery pack for which wasn’t designed. Also you get a downsize plugins and glitchy experience meanwhile you can get the full experience and full power from the M1 combination. A moog was designed to be a “moog”, not a keyboard receptor of downsized plugin versions over an embedded linux underpowered hardware of itself… like M+.

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    I here everyone talk about the M+ being underpowered but honestly I make very impressive music on the M+ and as far as plugins go. You can bring reaktor effects over. Everybody wants more this and that but honestly is it necessary 😃 to make good music.

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    Of course if you keep yourself tied to “optimized” plugins and workflow. As time goes some firmware updates make it more stable (or it should) …


    if you remember it was released at 1.6k range and it’s still around 1k and for that money you can get more powerful solution based on mk3. That’s what means “underpowered” (and overpriced).

    I told it before “mk3+macbook M1” is cheaper, full featured, battery powered… all around best solution than M+”

    M+ will need a new “brain” to compete against mk3 and still will not have battery option instead you go for third party solutions for what wasn’t designed…

    In other thread user asked for “detachable screen for mk4” :facepalm:

    Sooner or later some kind of converge will arrive to Apple ecosystem and running full apps will be possible since these use the same chip than actual macbooks (or downsized app but mutable and growing with each iPad iteration)

    How fast can NI improve M+? Depends on NI or third party vendor (rockchip)? Why is maschine development so slow? Are the resources (dev teams) dedicated by project or the same for all the line? Roadmap?


    M+ was released 2 years later from what it seems should have been and the embed board was underpowered even for that time. It was released few months before Apple Silicon was announced and NI claimed they were “aware” of such risk but the time goes, the firmware updates arrive later than scheduled and Apple keeps releasing improvements year after year. If Apple releases something that we call “logic for iPad” (downsized or not but ported from macOS at least) How will justify NI not releasing Maschine (or whatever) for iPad? And I’m not talking about iMaschine which is from the era of “complementary apps” but we are in the era where Djay Pro app has more features than Traktor/Serato/Rekordbox… and runs in iPhone…

    Think in Roland Zenbeats (with MV1 integration) as start point…

    Do you believe other brands are going to be quiet meanwhile NI develops M+?

    Roland integration with Zenbeats will keep growing…

    offtopic end. Opinions are opinions but facts are facts. M+ could be optimized to a certain degree but it’s x86 based and NI depends on third party vendor. Apple Silicon will keep growing and Apple controls everythinh (hardware, chip and OS) so they can move faster and ultraoptimised with AI features and crossplatform between tablet and desktop/laptop.

    MSoft tried and failed. Android is still fragmented and audiomidi still requires an standard. Linux? Embed but again x86 dependency. RiscV? When? Who?


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    I completely agree

    I do everything I want to do with M+, on my knees while traveling with a battery and headphones. It's the best Groovebox I've had, and if it's not suited to your musical style and needs, just buy something else, why criticize it? The MPC does not suit me, but it does not matter, it suits other people

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    Hi @tco the latest update to Maschine addressed stability issues and added an auto sampler feature. Do you still have issues with Maschine+ crashing? Or when you were referring to robustness you were talking about sth else beyond stability issues? 🤔

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    Because this is a forum. By definition opinion is what’s for.

    Said that, I’m happy improvements are made and some users feel ok with the product but for those who don’t, the forum is where ask why and how… or it should be.

    If NI doesn’t want to allow criticism then just build a knowlegde base and not a forum.

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    Hi Kaiwan, robustness on stability - an absolute must and able to operate as an instrument with out requiring significant user accommodation and fine print to be read. If it were a $499 item id be forgiving, but when NI releases a product at $1399 there's an underlying expectation . Unlike the USA i cant even return the product in asia. I'm just hoping you guys dont kill this like Kore and release a +2 leaving the early adopters mid sea. Will be good to share a development road map imv.

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