Mashine+ My Groups don't save the Sound Aux settings

S Righteous
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I've been making drum kits and use one sound pad for effects, so that I can have each sound send a different amount to that effect. (Instead of a group effect where it's all or nothing) But when I save my Group, these settings do not get saved.

Is there some weird setting I'm missing, or is this a bug?



  • darkwaves
    darkwaves Member Posts: 371 Guru

    Can't test right now (because I'm far too lazy to walk into the other room), but I think you need to load with +routing. When you're in the screen where you pick your group: Press shift and enable routing. Then load.

  • S Righteous
    S Righteous Member Posts: 150 Helper

    Yes, you are entirely right. I knew there was an option to load with patterns, but had no idea this was another option, internal routings seem like you would always want, but I guess you could route one group to effects in another group, but who is that crazy. Thanks for the info!

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