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Autosampler -> Sample to separate pads directly?

torben_elvers Member Posts: 1 Member
edited June 2022 in Maschine

Hi all,

do I miss something?

When I use the Autosampler to sample a drum kit every sample is mapped to a separate key e.g. C1 to D#2. But all land on the same pad. Using keyboard mode works fine of course.

BUT when I sample drum kits I would prefer to have every sample on a separate pad like real drum kits.

The workaround for me currently is to save the group with samples first.

Then I go to the folder with the samples and drag each sample from the file explorer to a separate pad in a new group. Very time consming, especially when you have to do it one by one, otherwise the order gets messed up.

Is there a mre efficient way to do so?

Regards, tom



  • higen
    higen Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I want to add, i would like this feature aswell.

    would be neat if you could sample multi velocity of a strike into a pad, then move to next pad and next note.. to capture drumkits from synths.

    i have a korg kronos that would be awesome to create into machine.

  • jolly Dodger
    jolly Dodger Member Posts: 54 Member


    yes way

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