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Forgive me if this is already something you can do and I just wasn't aware... I sometimes like to play a bespoke shorter version of a song by jumping to a cue point later in the song just at the right time (perhaps skipping a breakdown or an extra verse etc). Its fine as long as you remember to press the destination cue button at the right moment! (which, you can use another cue point as a marker to remember)

I think the looping functionality could be re-purposed for a new feature, basically you can set an IN and OUT point as you would a normal loop, but when the playhead gets to the IN point, it will actually SKIP PAST the entire 'loop' and the playhead will jump to the OUT part of the song, effectively automating the need to press the cue point at the right time... Its effectively 'deleting' a part of the song that you may want to skip past. You would use the ACTIVE button to ensure the section is skipped well in advance, just as you can with looping functionality.

Yes, you can technically do this a few ways, one by pressing cue buttons just in time, but this simply automates the process and might allow you to do other things like switch on delay or reverb to make an otherwise jarring 'jump' to another part of the song actually possible instead...


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    I like it of course. We already had a discussion about it here. Good placing it in the Beta ideas.

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    @WillJR Thank you for submitting this idea! We’re now tracking demand for this feature.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Unfortunately this idea did not receive enough votes over the allotted time. We are closing the post.

    Note that our ideas section doesn't reflect the Traktor team's backlog. Even if this idea hasn't been brought up to the team at this time, that doesn't mean it'll never be implemented in the future.

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