Kontrol S88 MK2 vs. KeyLab 88 MK2 vs. Studiologic SL88

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If you don't really use those two tiny little screens (don't know why they didn't make them bigger) on the Kontrol S88 MK2 but use your large OLED monitor instead...

Is the Kontrol S88 MK2 still worth it...?

Given that the Studiologic SL88 has a better keybed - and the KeyLab 88 MK2 is metal and not plastic like the Kontrol MK2...


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    If you use kontakt for any kind of scoring, kk 88 is great due to light guide. If you use kontakt for any kind of music the quick access buttons and dial to audition sounds without looking at monitor or using mouse is nice. If you are pro pianist, then a tp/40 wood keyboard is better than tp/100 in s88mk2, otherwise not much improvement for average players. Metal case does mot make better keybed. Depends on what you actually need.

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    This is an excellent reply, Simchris. It's the only place where I've found the particular Fatar keybed product code used in the S88. Just today I emailed both Fatar and NI, because I've searched the internet (as well as the NI Support `page) with no joy.

    The S88 User Manual states,

    "The S88 comes with professional, fully-weighted, hammer-action keys, also made by Fatar"

    but no mention of the TP/... product code. My guess is that because they AREN'T using the TP40/WOOD... they aren't going to be specific.

    I'm curious... how did you find out that NI used the TP/100??

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    Please disregard my question. I just found the discussion titled, "Which Fatar keybed is in the S88 Mk2?"

    That resolved my curiosity. I think I'll hold off until the Mk3, in hopes that they'll go with the TP/400 wood keybed... in spite of the increased cost. I know I'd gladly pay it.

    Thanks again,


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