Repeat question on KOMPLETE Audio 6 mk2

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At the beginning of January, I left my question on this sound card, but not only was there no answer to it, so this question was also deleted for reasons unknown to me.

I'll duplicate it again (I'll try to be brief)

My system: Motherboard:

Asrock a320m-hdv r4.0

Processor: Rizen 5 2600

ORam: 32 Gb


Windows 10 pro

The latest drivers are installed from your website

The sound card is connected to USB 3.2 Gen 1


Very often the sound disappears. The indicators on the device itself are lit properly, my system detects the map, but the asio drivers become inactive. This happens most often due to the fact that I log into the browser, open some neutral program (for example Guitar Pro) or do not use the computer for several minutes. But what is interesting: if there is sound on the card and asio drivers are active, then I can work Reaper without problems (at least all day). I can record instruments, vocals and process sound. But once you perform the above actions, the sound disappears again. And asio drivers become in the status as in the picture*

But the card can work again if I open the audio interface settings in the sequencer itself, or go to the Windows sound settings. But these actions do not always save.


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