any advice you can give me im new i just got the ultimate 13 special edition

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hi im new ive been using the monthly package and really like the products . i just got the ultime 13 collectors edition i see it has alot of effects etc. any advice would be appreciated to avoid mistakes or tricks to learning it better. thanks all help is super appreciated


  • Jojo123
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    Welcome montoya. Perhaps you can tell us where you're up to. Have you installed anything yet, what is your system?

    There are many pitfalls one can fall into, especially with installation. As tempting as it is to dive in, Id recommend looking on NI site and support documents. Id also recommend looking at the manuals of the products. The K13 UCE is huge and it will take a lot of time to explore things. I know because that was what I was faced with.

  • Tony Jones
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    What kind of music are you looking to make? Don’t rush, just take a look at a few things first and find your way

  • JesterMgee
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    Thinking back many years when I stepped into Komplete 8 for the first time, suckered in by the beautiful box with all those cool looking instruments all contained on a snazzy SSD installation HDD.

    After installing everything I opened my DAW and it scanned the new instruments only for me to be shocked to see like 5 plugins.... not 50 like shown on the box.

    Then I realised all the content was "libraries" and not plugins and so I had to learn how all that worked and how to make use of it.

    First thing I would suggest is make sure you install the core plugins, all of them (Kontakt, Massive, Battery, Reaktor, Komplete Kontrol etc...)

    Then pick one library at a time to install and check out until you get to grips with how it work and what to do. You can install things whenever you like now with Native Access and it can be better to start off slow.

    Make sure (if you haven't already) you set a decent install location with plenty of space for everything because moving it all after the fact is a bit of a pain.

    The rest is spending time and figuring out what you like the sound of and how to use it from there.

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