Kontakt Crashes in Cubase 12.0.20

swan jay
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For over a month i have been working with cubase to try and fix this issue... I add kontact 6.7.1(RO) to a track save it and reopen it and it crashes right away. I followed all NI instructions and reinstalled and it crashes over and over.. It work just fine in Studio One 5. It works as stand alone.. I can not figure this out.. Please help..


  • EvilDragon
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    Did you try disabling ASIO Guard?

  • Theymos
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    Hey guys, newbie here /,,/ 

    I had same issue, i produce in cubase 8 Elemenets and after messing with ASIO buffer samples adding multiple Kontakt 6 instances whole Cubase just crash down. (Not sure if this is the case)

    I tried turn off the ASIO guard off in main control of ASIO driver, tried turn off ASIO guard in plugin manager, non of that work for me.

    The solution i found was quiet simple, i remember i worked on 192 buffer size in ASIO before,(everything worked without an issue i just tried load an old project) after i messing up with the buffer trying to get much low latency as i can was 256 samples best (weirdly),

    so i tried load up two instances of kontakt and Cubase crashed, no bug message nothing, just whole DAW goes off, every time i load the project Cubase crashed.

    So my fix was in changing ASIO Buffer size from 256 to 192 but i use Cubase 8 so maybe in newer versions of Cubase they maybe fix the thing and the issue is somewhere else.

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