Is there any way to purchase the harddrive for Komplete 13 after you've bought it?

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I recently upgraded to Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors edition and the installs from Native Access are dragging. Download speed is like 20-50mbps on a 1gbit fiber line. I can download from Steinberg at 500-800mbps and from Steam at nearly a full gbps but Native Access just drags.

Given the large amount of content I'd rather just get a disk if it is going to be this slow. Is that a possibility or am I download only since I purchased online?

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  • Jojo123
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    It could be that their servers are extra busy with the Summer Sale. I have the K13 UCE disk and Id highly recommend people get this if possible for the very reason you've stated. Not sure if the Cremona Quartet is included on the disk now, but it wasn't around this time last year when I got mine. My connection is pretty slow and NI gave me links to the iso's for those but even then they can be problematic. In the end I had to have a zip for the Stradivari Cello. Still, they may help you out this way if you contact support.

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    @Sycraft Did you get any luck with the download in Native Access ? If not, feel free to contact my colleagues to find a working solution:

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    @Jeremy_NI I did, it took a long time to download but in the end, I got all the instruments installed. It would be nice if NI could look at getting a faster service for the western US, but it is all installed at the moment.

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