S88 MK2 inconsistencies

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Hi all - I have Macbook Pro with M1 Max (Rosetta) running Monterey 12.2.1 and Logic Pro X. I recently installed a new Kontrol S88 Mk 2 with the Komplete Ultimate software and plug-ins - everything worked fine for a few weeks. But now...

1 - If I change tracks in the daw (by mouse), to go to a different Komplete plug-in, the plug-in icon shown on the S88 screens doesn't change - though the instrument on the new track does sound and can be played by the S88.

2 - If I now choose a new plug-in from the S88 and click to select it, the previous one in the track in the daw doesn't update.

3 - If I press the 'mixer' button both screens just go black and nothing happens.

I've tried a number of basic things with no luck - any suggestions please?


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