40 Sounds bug Report

feet1stmusic Member Posts: 3 Member

I LOVE This Library.

I noticed an issue when exporting, if using the 40 keys library (I would assume it's on the drums as well). If you have a note playing on the very 1st beat of the absolute beginning of the song, it will be missed on the export. To counteract this, I have nudged the very 1st note (within the start of the song, using 40 keys) a hair to the right and that seems to fix the problem. That being said my UAD Apollo Twin x is set for 48k and I am exporting in 41k

lmk when this gets fixed or I am doing something wrong

This issue does not happen with any other software / Kontakt sounds

OVO sounds version 1.0.0

Kontakt 6.7.1

Maschine 2.15.2

Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.5

UAD Apollo Twin x Duo


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