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    Welp.. more info emerging on the future. Here's today's word from PA:

    July 4, 2022

    EXT365 and the PA EXTended Summer Sale 2022

    In the next few weeks PA will release many - but not all - plugins made by our Soundwide partners Native Instruments & iZotope.

    While the teams in Berlin, Boston and Langenfeld are working towards a unified user experience for NI, iZotope and PA plugins, we are not 100% there yet.

    BUT: we have found a way to already bring you some of the best-loved NI & IZO plugins... the new EXT365 program!

    Now you have a great new reason to check your inbox daily in July. We will send you a whole bunch of exclusive offers from our new Alliance partners Native Instruments and iZotope, as well as additional offers from other PA brands!

    What is the new EXT365 program? 

    EXT365 is a program to add some of the best-loved NI & IZO plugins to the Plugin Alliance – right now, and permanently! Unlike the original PA_EXT program, which features flash sales for individual plugins from external (non-Alliance) companies for just 48 hours, the EXT365 plugins are here to stay. You will be able to pick them up at PA year-round!

    Will the EXT365 plugins be included in the FOREVER 29 plan? 

    YES. You can buy all of the new EXT365 releases using your FOREVER 29 vouchers! You can sign up for FOREVER 29 now and collect the EXT365 plugins, one by one. And to further sweeten the deal, signing up will also give you access to the new PA MEGA Sample Player and the BX Auto-Mastering App! What’s not to like.

    Will the EXT365 plugins also be included in the MEGA Bundle or MIX & MASTER Bundle subscriptions? 

    NO... but check this out! Since we don’t have a unified license system and installation manager for NI, IZO and PA yet, we are technically not able to add these plugins to our subscription bundles. We simply don’t have a technical solution yet to activate the EXT365 plugins for a month or for a year. However, you can use your PA Ca$hback Vouchers from our subscription plans to collect them.

    PA EXTended Summer Sale (starting July 5, 2022)

    In the first ever EXTended Summer Sale we’ve got some great surprises in store for you including plugin favorites of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins) and Zdar (Phoenix, Beastie Boys).

    Getting the best offers in the EXTended Summer Sale 

    There’s just two steps to getting the best prices on our latest exclusive offers from Native Instruments, iZotope and Plugin Alliance. 

    1) Subscribe to the PA mailing list

    2) Use the codes from the EXTended Summer Sale emails at the PA checkout

    Claiming Native Instruments plugins in 4 easy steps

    After you have purchased a Native Instruments plugin in the EXTended Summer Sale, you will receive a confirmation email with the code for your new product.

    To redeem the code and install your NI plugin please follow these 4 simple steps:

    1. Download the Native ACCESS 2 Installation Manager from the Native Instruments website: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/native-access/

    2. Open Native Access and create a Native Access ID (or log in)

    3. Click "+ Add a serial" and enter the redemption code from the order confirmation email.

    4. Find your product in the "Not installed" section of Native Access and click "Install". Enjoy your new plugin!

    Claiming iZotope plugins in 4 easy steps

    After you have purchased an iZotope plugin in the EXTended Summer Sale, you will receive a confirmation email with the codes for your new product. To redeem the code and install your IZO plugin: 

    1) Download iZotope Product Portal: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/downloads.html 

    2) Create an iZotope account (or login if you already have one)

    3) Click on the barcode in the upper right of the Product Portal main menu and enter the activation code form your order confirmation email 


    4) Click on the "Install/Authorize" tab, find your product and click "Install". 

    Enjoy your new plugin!

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