CC#7 (Volume) not working on Electric Sunburst, Picked Acoustic, Strummed Acoustic 1 & 2

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I am trying to use the midi cc#7 to dynamically control the volume of the instrument throughout a track. The principle works for other instruments like 'Piano Colors' but is completely ignored by those mentioned above. In addition, if I map one of my sliders to CC#7 and then trying to use midi learn on the instrument it still does not recognise and respond to CC#7 data. I see from googling others have mentioned this bug but there is no feedback from NI. I have raised it with them but again no feedback yet. According to the settings of the instruments these should recognise and respond to the cc to change the volume level but they don't.

Are there any work arounds or is NI going to fix this bug or is it a 'feature' and part of the design. It's a real pain when instruments don't implement the CC#7.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.


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    I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but you can always work around this by directly MIDI learning the instrument volume slider. However after you do that, I suggest adjusting the range of MIDI learn to 63.0%, like this:

    This will make CC7 go from -inf to 0 dB and not over that, which would likely result in clipping.

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