From kontakt to master audio track

Hans Varland
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I've got one kontakt with 10 different plugins going. From kontakt on to separate audio strips and from there to different reverb busses and on to the master channel.

What would the proper way of going from there, to a stereo track that i can send to mastering? (Using Cakewalk by b.l.)



  • Uwe303
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    yeah of course you can do that, just ask the guy who is gonna mastering your track, he can tell you specifically what he wants. Normally no compression or limiting on stereo bus, take all that out and send it to him. Or some want both versions, a pre "mastered" version and the version i mentioned above, so they have an idea what you do like and so on.


  • Hans Varland
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    And i would typically use the export audio function to do that?

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