How to make continuous loop on Kontakt pianos?

RaquelCruzJazz Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I tried searching the forums to see if the answer is already here but couldn't find any clarity. I also searched on youtube, and a lot of them werent direct and to the point, they would start talking about it, then talk about other things for like 9 minutes lol. I just need a list of steps of how to.

Thank you in advance

-Raquel Cruz


  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 1,021 mod

    Piano samples are always decaying and it's really really difficult to loop them...

  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro

    Pianos are like drums... they are a tuned "percussive" instrument, so @EvilDragon has nailed it.

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