Is there a shortcut to access the Maschine Jam templates!!

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i know that you can access them via the controller editor...

but is there a shortcut via midi keypresses to cycle through the Maschine Jam templates i have created

i know that Maschine Jam can change the Maschine instances you are using(jumping between VST and stand alone)... but thats different...

i know on the maschine Mk2 this is possible to do(only whilst in midi mode) and pressing shift +Arrow

Shift+midi on the Maschine Jam only accesses the assigned template that is set in the controller editor, beyond that can you cycle to other templates??



  • Stevan
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    Would love to have that feature on all NI gear. This is currently possible only on Traktor S8 and D2. (not sure about the rest but controllers with the screen should have it)

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