Komplete Kontrol S61MKii Latest Firmware?

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I just bought a S61MKii and having all kinds of "issues" with it. So I thought I was going to try to update the firmware.

I downloaded the "Firmware Updater for Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 1.4.0 - Mac" which is the latest. The info about that states that the latest firmware provided by it is 0.5.9.

When I enter the setup menu on my S61MKii to check firmware, and even when opening the firmware update app. It states that I have version 0.6.0. How is that possible? And why do I have that?

Something wrong with my keyboard?


  • JesterMgee
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    Well it could simply be there is a newer firmware loaded from factory on new units than what is currently available on the updater. Possibly the updater has not been updated to the latest yet or the firmware is not yet fully approved for users to update into existing units or it is not yet required.

    I would say that since your keyboard shows newer, you do not need a FW update so whatever issues you have are probably something else. If you detail the actual problems you have and your system specs maybe someone can assist.

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    And it could also be that there is an issue with the 6.0 firmware and that is why NI has not made a installer for it available online.

    Someone from NI needs to answer this question.

    And if 6.0 is not your problem, why isn't the 6.0 firmware available to all?

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    Exactly my thought. Weird that they would ship a keyboard with a "beta-firmware" though. But hopefully NI can answer this question for me/us.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @iswede As far as I know, there are no known issues with the 0.6 firmware, if anything like this would happen, support would be kept in the loop. I assume that our website was not updated yet, but I'll check that out and update this thread when I get answers. In the meantime, you say "all kinds of issues", that's a bit vague. Would you care to give more details ? I see you have a M1 Max computer, so if your issues appear in your DAW, make sure that your DAW is running in Rosetta mode: How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta

    If it also happens in standalone, please note that there can be issues with M1 Max & M1 Pro computers, as stated in our compatibility article: Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility News

    There is a known issue with the Maschine software but no issues were reported regarding the Komplete Kontrol keyboards so far. I see you're in contact with one of my colleagues from support, he should be able to clear this out.

  • iswede
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    Hello @Jeremy_NI

    Some of the issues are, the Kontrol S61mkii Freezes on startup. I have to shut it down and restart it, sometimes several times before working.

    When loading libraries in Kontrol APP and Kontakt APP the apps freeze, which results in the keyboard freezing, and I have to force quit the apps and restart the keyboard. Just for it to very often happen again.

    the problems appear in both DAW (Logic) and Standalone apps. So no luck running Logic in Rosetta-mode.

    Also having some "velocity" problems. Especially on the piano libraries. Have to push the keys really hard, just to barely hear the audio. But this seem to be another problem, as I have stumbled upon countless forum threads talking about this being something with the NI libraries and bad velocity curves?.

  • Towjam
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    @Jeremy_NI Apologies in advance for digging up an old discussion but just fyi...

    18 months later and 0.6.0 is still not available via the firmware updater app. (As for myself, it doesn't matter since my S61 MK2 apparently came with 0.6.0 already installed.)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Towjam It happens that sometimes the devices have a newer firmware. It shouldn't be a problem, if you have any kind of issue with your keyboard, please get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_KKontrol

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