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Aron Stokes
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Recently, I created a Kontakt outputs preset with multiple outputs (mono and stereo) set up to use for Studio Drummer in Kontakt. My DAW of choice for production is Studio One and I use Kontakt as a plug-in inside of Studio One, connecting multiple instrument tracks (MIDI tracks) to available outputs in Kontakt. My outputs only appear as whatever my default Kontakt output selection is, and when I try to select a different output (like my drums multi-output preset) it updates in the plug-in itself, but it won't update Kontakt in Studio One to show the new outputs that should be available. So basically, I can't get Studio One to recognize different presets that I select in the Kontakt plug-in, it only wants to recognize the default Kontakt output selection, leaving me with the default Kontakt outputs as available channels in Studio One.

This prohibits me from using Kontakt for other multi-outs settings that I need. For instance, sometimes I need to use Kontakt as a plug-in for 8 stereo outs for keyboards and synths. Other times, and I may need a different instance of Kontakt for the drums multi-outs preset. If Studio One only wants to recognize what I've set as the default output selection in Kontakt, I don't have flexibility.

Has anyone else experienced this or does somebody have a clue of how to fix this?

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  • EvilDragon
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    This is a limitation of VST2 back-end Kontakt is using. After every output preset change you need to set it as the new default, then remove and reinstantiate Kontakt. No other way.

  • Aron Stokes
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    @EvilDragon Wow, okay. That's unfortunate because if I get the drums going in Studio One and use the default output preset for that, then instantiate another Kontakt for keyboard/synth stuff, when I change this new Kontakt to the keyboards default output preset it changes the drums to that one too. So really... I guess there is no way to use multiple Kontakt VST2's with different output presets at the same time in a session?

  • EvilDragon
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    You can, but every time you need to change the output routing you need to do the save-as-default-then-reload thing. Once you have different Kontakt instances set up with different outputs, this is then stored in your project and will load fine.

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