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Images not displaying for 3rd party products (not NKS)

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This discussion was created from comments split from: NKS User Library.


  • Eight4aWish
    Eight4aWish Member Posts: 36 Sine
    edited January 2022

    Homemade nksf presets related. Tricky one. I can’t get all the images to display for “Audio Damage, Inc.” - “Phosphor3” and “Reveal Sound” - “Spire-1.5”. There are lots of offending characters in the vendor and plug-in names. I have tried the fixes mentioned on the old forum: removing characters from folder names, looking up the UPIDs in the NI pdf and grabbing UUIDs from nksf files (this number incidentally seems to be a preset ID and not a plugin ID). I am not on a Windows machine and can’t work out how to use a Mac equivalent to Windows Process Monitor to find the 32 character UPIDs in the event that KK or Machine are looking for a folder name with the UPID appended. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 946 admin

    @Eight4aWish The other thread wasn't really the right place and so I created a new one for you here.

    Would you be able to share some screenshot of what you see exactly?

  • Eight4aWish
    Eight4aWish Member Posts: 36 Sine
    edited January 2022

    @Matt @ NI Makes no sense putting it here because the community of interest around user made nksf presets, and the display of their associated graphics, will align around the new version of the NKS User Library thread. My understanding is that NI has resisted sharing configuration file format details with community members leaving a few people to try and work things out for themselves. Image from KK:

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