Can i use Traktor 3.5 with Root dir on 3.2?

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Hey as the title says i wanna use traktor 3.5 with the root dir pointed on 3.2 so i won't lose any playlists etc and because the club i am playing upgraded CDJs to 3000 i will need to get the new Traktor, I have 3.5 installed on it but i already move the old collection, so my question is Can i just use Traktor 3.5 but have the Root dir pointed on 3.2 ? Or it will cause any issues?


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    Absolutely yes, you can!

    And especially if you have a huge collection with few thousand tracks, build up through many years and all those tracks are completely analyzed, then, YOU MUST!

    Also, to avoid all those double files of every new update (for example, supposed that you have the updates 2.5, 2,8, 3,0, 3,1, 3.2... this means 5 different folders with -more-or-less- the same files -what a waste!), i suggest that you create a unique Traktor directory on some other drive (internal or external), as you see in my example (i have ALL my music in one place, under one main folder), and move everything there.

    In this way you will have a life-time library, and all you need to do is that, on every new update you just move the newer files there and replace the older ones. However you MUST preserve 2 files (and never replace them): Collection.nml (all your tracks are here) and Traktor Settings.tsi (all your settings are here). Everything else can be replaced on every new update. 😉

    Note: If you want to follow your own example then you simply copy everything from 3.2 directory, to the 3.5 directory. Since you have a new version, there is no point to keep the old one too 😉

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