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Reaktor CPU Issue

Mar Member Posts: 26 Sine

Greetings, My current ensemble has a lot of CPU overload when in 88200Hz or higher sample rate. Can someone test on there computer if it’s fast enough how much cpu on my windows computer (10 version) I would need to run this ensemble with three multi-timbrals included. Can this ensemble run as multi-timbral with high 96Khz sample rate at 12% CPU in REAKTOR. I run a windows computer at CPU 1.9Ghz 16RAM. Link below to download ensemble. Just click continue to website. Any help would be appreciated.




  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 421 Saw

    look here for tuning tips


    Tweaking some of these settings can make a huge difference to performance depending on your system, I found the biggest chunk of performance in tuning the power settings, of course YMMV

    Another thing to remember is that Reaktor depends on single core performance, and 1.9Ghz is pretty slow by current standards

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 421 Saw
    edited May 2022

    Just had a look inside, and it looks like an 'everything but the kitchen sink' problem, where you've just piled in a huge number of processes, each using some cpu. Trying to run that at high sample rates is going to use lots of cpu. Its the nature of the beast.

    Runs at 30% on my system at 88200Hz. Its an old system, but running at 3.5GHz clock speed.. so I can see why you might start struggling at 1.9GHz

    Just be more economical with your design, only keep in the things that are absolutely essential!

    Maybe try to find ways to turn off components that are not being used in a patch.

  • Mar
    Mar Member Posts: 26 Sine

    So a higher cpu is needed because I bet the ensemble in Reaktor didn’t overload on your computer. How does Moon Slug cpu operate if you use multi-timbral (3 instances of the Ensemble 3 channels). Could you add it and try it; let me know the cpu status?

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 421 Saw

    3 instances at 44100 settles at about 80%, but there are overloads when it spikes, so unusable.

    Basically, there is a limit to how much stuff you can stack into an ensemble. You get to a point where you need more advanced management strategies for optimising. Then you get to a point where that's not enough and you need a redesign.

    One thing that might work for multi-timbral is a good DAW. Something like Reaper is very efficient, and you can set it up with instances of the Reaktor plugin on different cpu cores, that way you're not trying to do it all on one. Probably do this on other DAWs as well. PITA though, better to build ensembles that don't use as much juice ;)

  • arachnaut
    arachnaut Member Posts: 63 Tri

     "better to build ensembles that don't use as much juice"

    Well, I can't let that go by without a comment.

    Better still to have a system designed for audio performance.

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 421 Saw

    Better hardware is always a good thing, but it would be easy enough to design an ensemble that will bring any system you could build to it's knees... just saying ;)

  • arachnaut
    arachnaut Member Posts: 63 Tri

    I max out running 8 instances at 9600Hz except for an occasional glitch - so I would run fewer instances or lower the clock rate.

    My computer is no slouch, but it is rather old. Any modern cpu can easily outperform it.

    I almost never concern myself with CPU optimization unless I build for other builders and upload something to the U/L.

    But to make something polished for other users is a big step beyond building one-offs for enjoyment.

    Not just CPU usage, but many other things need to be addressed that would fill a tome.

    In this ensemble, there is a long string of effects, here with CPU load on display:

    These could be switched off if not used, or the whole set of effects could be moved into a separate ensemble and laid out in a DAW as a separate instance - which should result in running in separate CPUs.

  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 826 Saw

    I max out running 8 instances at 9600Hz except for an occasional glitch

    Jim, 9600 or 96,000?

  • arachnaut
    arachnaut Member Posts: 63 Tri

    96000, thanks for that.

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