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System Setup: Windows 10, i7-4790K, Traktor Audio 2 (Mk 1)

Frequently the autogrid will look like 125.000 but actually be 124.9996 or 125.0003, and the tempo drifts a little over time since the track is actually at 125.000000, and it leads to phasing issues.

As a DJ having to check every autogrid

I want to have an option to specify a threshold for the difference of auto-detected BPM to the next whole number below which it automatically snaps to that number, plus some sort of indication that that has happened (for instance, not showing the .000 after the BPM)

So that I can save myself from phasing issues without having to go through the process of double-clicking the BPM (which is prone to accidentally dragging it to a different number), setting it to a whole number, and confirming that, for every. single. track.

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  • DJ Avadhuta
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    But micro-corrections should not be completely removed. Sometimes you need to manually edit the grid, and you have to write something like 125.000001 (by the way, this correction will not be displayed in the BPM field, but will be applied to the grid).

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    Yes, I would like this just for the autogrid detection.

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