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System Setup: Windows 10, i7-4790K, Traktor Audio 2 (Mk 1)

As a DJ editing a lot of metadata

I want to have OS or web standard text field elements in the browser 

So that I can use the muscle memory I have built and the conventions I know from editing text literally anywhere else on my computer

To expand on that, we currently face the following: 

- Nonstandard Selection/Cursor Behavior

Text fields everywhere else on our computers treat a selection as one big cursor monolith: you select something, and if you then hit cursor left, your cursor is at the beginning of the selection, and on cursor right it goes to the end (try it here in a forum message!). In Traktor, the selection is separate from the cursor position which means that depending on whether you started the selection from the left or the right, hitting cursor left or right will do something different, and getting back to the opposite end of the selection is not possible with a single keystroke (left or right will move the cursor to the first or the second letter if you started selecting from the right, or the last/second-to-last character when you started the selection from the left.)

When clicking into a field the whole content is selected, but with the cursor at the BEGINNING, so that moving the cursor to the right (as you would be used to from literally every other app) will not move the cursor to the end of the text, where you could then append stuff, but instead moves uselessly to position two, making you type new content right into the first word unless you're careful.

- Nonstandard Word Boundary Characters

Double-Clicking words will select them. But in Traktor, the empty space is really the only boundary character that's recognized. In a text field here in the web browser, you can double-click words.that/are-spaced(like)this and you'll be able to select individual words - in Traktor, it will always select the whole string because it doesn't see dashes, slashes and brackets as word boundaries. This is a fairly large annoyance because fixing mistakes very often involves re-typing one specific word out of many, and it's unnecessarily more difficult to select single words than would be possible

- Keyboard Navigation Hotkeys During Text Editing Do Not Work 

Some standard selection and navigation shortcuts (ctrl-cursor to move word by word, up and down as pos1 and end in single-line fields) just plain do not work in Traktor's text fields

- Shift-Del/Shift-Insert for Cut&Paste does not work 

Well, Shift-Del deletes, but does not copy! So you think you cut, but actually the information is completely gone.

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  • von Bordwehr
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    I agree completely! It seems that there are a number of differences between Windows and macOS, but overall the annoyances are the same. It would be a great improvement if this could be fixed.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thank you for submitting this idea! We’re now tracking demand for this feature.

  • wayfinder
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    edited July 2022

    By the way, some of these issues are compounded by the flickering browser! Sometimes flickers cancel whatever selection you were making when it happened, for example.

  • wayfinder
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    Another thing:

    I had only thought about the UI side of things, but using standard text fields would also allow right-to-left text.

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