M2 Mac cannot find Reaktor VST2

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I moved from my i5 Macbook to an M2 MBA and now when I open some Ableton sets, I get errors saying that Reaktor VST2 cannot be found. Is there a way to restore this? I also see that all my plugins are available as Audio Units but not as VSTs. I have always used the VST version.

Can I simply load the AU version instead of the VST version? Will Reaktor patches work without a problem (I use lots of Reaktor patches so that is the most important for me for now).


  • maniacintosh81
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    If you eant to use VST on Apple Silicon you have to use VST3 plugins. Of course you can also use the AU version; but as I understand it you have to manually replace the VST2 in any single track and have to reapply all necessary settings.

    There is no automated upgrade path.

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    ok, Audio Units it is. Luckily I did not wipe my old laptop yet.

    I seem to have a slight problem: some of the patches I use have no name in the GUI and I don't recognise them. How can I find teh name of the loaded patch (when loaded in a VST)?

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    Back to original question. I am not on Mac, but I have the feeling that you could use VST2 even on AS, but you would have to use Rosetta. IMHO all NI VST2 plugins are only x86.

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