Feature requests Komplete Kontrol software: Controller selection / Split+Layer

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Feature requests for Komplete Kontrol software:

  1. It would be cool to select KK hardware keyboards, in case you´re using more than one controller, directly with an icon or a keyboard shortcut for fast access. In addition, the preferences menu should provide an option to determine the main controller when starting KK software.
  2. Split/Layer: It would be great to have a split and layer option for multiple plugin instances. So you could create a multi synthesizer setup (preset you could save) without the need to use a DAW or loading multiple instances of KK. This multi preset should provide the option to assign 8 master macro controls, modulation, pitchbend, aftertouch of the used instances for fast access. This would be a great improvement for all live keyboardists and performers.

Thanks, Oliver

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