Traktor A10 halt/froze troubleshooting

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My Traktor A10 appears to have froze during play, I lost all Audio and any control in the Traktor software, I needed to power off/on the A10 and restart traktor before it started working again. I've checked and I'm using the latest f/w for the A10 (and traktor software). Is there a way I can run a diagnostic on the A10 or export logs to determine what was the issue?



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    Hey there,

    Does Traktor freeze when the A10 is not plugged in at all?

    Also, to rule out certain possibilities of the issue, could you please plug it into another computer and see if the problem persists?

    If the second computer does not have a registered version of Traktor, the demo version will work just fine for troubleshooting purposes.

    Please also use at least 2 different USB cables on both computers.

  • AusUser5
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    As suggested I did the testing over the weekend and found the following.

    The Traktor software doesn't freeze when the A10 is not connected or disconnected.

    Using a different USB cable, I run the A10 on another computer with a demo version of tracktor and was able to reproduce the issue (no music/wave forms in traktor) after 2hrs of running. The 2nd time the issue occurred in 1 hour. Each time i need to shutdown traktor, power off the A10, power up the A10 and launch traktor to get things up and running again.

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