Maschine+ Marble Rims expansion lfo not working on sampler

Daniel jay
Daniel jay Member Posts: 7 Member


I was checking out the sampler instruments in Marble Rims and wanted to add Some pitchmodulation through the lfo.

I was surprises to find out This doesnt work. The envelope section works, but the lfo is not.

It also only seems to happen on the sampled instruments from this expansion pack. I checken Some from other expansions and they dont have this issue.

I checken in a new project too, same results

Is there a setting Im missing?

Or had Anyone else experienced this issue



  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 10,619 mod

    Hey there, I quickly checked some projects of this expansion on Maschine Plus. On most samples in a kit I can apply lfo pitch modulation, that's for one shot samples. The only groups where I could reproduce the issue is with sampler instances where one sample is used to play multiple notes, like one instrument. There the lfo pitch modulation doesn't apply because there are already multiple pitches.

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