Problems playing Komplete start with some instrument

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I use Roland EM-15 keyboard with cable "ESI MIDIMATE eX" (on windows 10)

When I choosing instruments from MIMRO PRISM or TRK-01 Bass the keyboard work and we have sound and the instrument works

But when I choose instrument like LAZERBASS or CARBON2 (from Reaktor..ection R2)

The MIDI didn't react and I have no sound

(Note: Both screenshot took when I press the MIDI Keyboard)

(Also same issue with PLAY SERIES ETHEREAL EARTH, Block Base and more)

Do you have any suggetion how to solve this issue?

My main goal is to work with this on REAPER but I guess need to fixed the issue first on KOMPLETE KONTROL

(When I use REAPER I saw the same issue but all the instrument that didn't work with the keyboard work with REAPER virtual keyboard.)

Thanks a lot



  • Blindeddie
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    First make sure your KB is transmitting on Midi channel 1 or Omni transmits on all channels simultaneously). For lazar bass, some of the presets require a midi clock to the play… click the play button at the top right.

  • IsRaniaMusic
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    It is look like this is the issue (MIDI input isn't channel 1)

    My Keyboard send the input on MIDI channel 4 and not 1, I also saw in DAW (REAPER)

    The Virtual Keyboard work with input on channel 1.

    I try to change the MIDI configuration input from channel 4 to channel 1, not working for now.

    I ask for support from my produce, I'll update when I get the solution.


  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    I took a look at the Manual for the EM-15 and it appears you can change the Midi transmit channel, but it is not clear as to how to get to those parameters to adjust them. Very bad documentation on Roland's part. Hope you hear from their support with detailed instruction.

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