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is it possible Or Planned To make the Play Series Instruments availble on Maschine + ?



  • Peter Harris
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    From what I understand from past discussions of the subject it is very unlikely. The best we can do in that regard is that we can use the M+ with Play instruments (and virtually all other NI products) in controller mode while attached to a computer but not in standalone.

    And for what it's worth, now with autosampler you could use sampled versions of Play instrument presets on M+. In fact I heard rumors there might be end of auto-sampler file exchange coming to help M+ users but no confirmation yet officially.)

  • Nico_NI
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    You cannot use Play Series instruments in standalone at the moment, but we cross fingers for more content being added in the near future 🤞

  • Tscheggo
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    thx for the Info so far. So there will be a new created when Content from Kontakt will be available on M+ in Standalone, right?

    And could you please Tell why there isn‘t so Many stuff from Kontakt available on M+ ?

  • Nico_NI
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    Already existing content could potentially be added to M+ with future updates.

    I don't have more information regarding the choice of the default content. I'm guessing CPU and storage wise, not much more could have been added.

  • Tscheggo
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    Will there be an Announcement for Future Updates and Instruments that can be added?

    Vintage Organs is now availeble on the M + without announcement.

  • Nico_NI
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    We would usually communicate about new instruments being added, or it should figure in the changelogs of the according update.

    Vintage Organs is a Kontakt instrument so kind of a special case.

  • Tscheggo
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  • Fabio Barbon
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    I hope that too, but hoping for more stuff shouldn't be the right feeling.

    NI people are very nice and supportive, but I am afraid this NI thing of whitelisting what can be used on Maschine+ is simply wrong: bad policy, wrong attitude toward loyal customers, over-selfdefensive behavior.

    I have many fully licensed Kontakt libraries that I know would work flawlessly in standalone (I've used them without issues for hundreds of hours before NI removed with 1.4 the possibility to use "exported with samples" branded Kontakt libraries).

    Sorry for complaining, but I am in love with Native Instruments since they started and this policy is damaging my daily workflow as a composer for no real reasons.

  • hubiedubie
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    If you look at what Akai just did with their latest MPC update….offering new instruments that could be purchased (Pianos, EP, a rompler, FM synth), you would hope that NI will respond and enable the likes of their pianos, Scarbee EPs, Basses and possibly the Play series) on the M+. There’s a nice back-catalogue there that may trigger future purchases from an untapped market. My (admittedly unfounded) concern is that there are hardware limitations stopping this from happening. However the recent Vintage Organs drop is promising.

  • drewhjava
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    A couple of things:

    I can't imagine AIR being that far ahead of NI in developing for low-powered platforms. It just wouldn't make any sense. I just think that Native Instruments has focused on developing instruments for beefy computers that sound really good. Shifting to shipping a rompler that takes up very little memory is not on the roadmap, but something they could do. We already have synths that came out a long time ago that seem to work fine on Maschine +, Fm8 / Massive. Even Pro53 I used back when I started making music in 2006. That's now Poly Synth. Why not ship rompler libraries from the same time period. Vir2 comes to mind. Dimension Pro was another I used but wasn't based on Kontakt. I was using 2GB of ram at the time and everything was fine.

    The Maschine+ is technically more powerful than the MPC Live / Live 2 / One / X and mostly on par with the keyboard.

    Where are the effects? MPC keeps adding relevant effects for today's music. Half-time / Portal / RC-20.

  • Koldunya
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    Given the "oops" that Vintage Organs was (ie, it was accidentally flagged on their backend and wasn't supposed to be given to us), I think there is hope that NI plans for more Maschine+ content for sure. I do wish they had made it more powerful from the outset, because otherwise we might get stuck waiting for a mk2 with a more powerful CPU and more RAM to get more serious with the Komplete library...

    That said, Maschine+ does handle Vintage Organs very well, imo. Someone else here mentioned a similar oops w/ f'ing Absynth and I wish I had seen it lol...

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