Battery Constantly Forgetting Where Samples are Located

Mark S Walford
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This has been a problem for about a week now. On certain project files containing instances of Battery 4.3.0, Battery keeps forgetting where the samples are located. I can point to the folder and it remembers and I play around for a while, move to a different stem, then when I come back to it the samples have unloaded again - this is without closing the project!

I came into this forum and found a bunch of discussions about the same problem. Some people seem to think it's just a Cubase issue but I am on Ableton Live 12, so….

I saw some of the NI guys saying it's a bug, we're working on it. But the first post I found like that was dated January 2023. So after 18 months Native Instruments hasn't managed to fix this one problem? Or am I missing something?

Is anyone else suffering the same problem? Anyone have a fix?

I tried deleting the stem and rebuolding from scratch and it's performing the same. But in a different project Battery is performing fine.


  • SaschaFranck
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    Various sort of related issues in various hosts (possibly the worst in Logic 11). Doesn't seem likely it'll ever be fixed and I don't believe whatever promises at all. Battery has already been thrown out of all my templates, tracks in active projects will be bounced to audio. This is a dead product.

  • millimeters
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    You are wrong that it has been broken since January 2023. It has actually been broken since 2022. Your best bet is to find a way to not use Battery. It has been over 2 years. They are never going to fix it, either because they do not care that it is broken or they are incompetent and do not know how to fix it. If they wanted to fix it and they knew how to fix it, they would have fixed it already. Time to move on before Battery 4 wastes even more of your time.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey, unfortunately I don't have a timeline to share yet when a fix for this bug will be released but I can assure you that this bug, along with other issues, are being looked into by our product team at the moment.

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